The General Rules of Paper Models...


-Cutting/work surface.
-Elmer’s glue, make it tacky by putting a ring of glue on a scrap of card stock and let it dry a little.
-Toothpicks for spreading glue.
-Tool to score/crease lines/nail etc.
-A round dowel or piece of wood - approx.pencil size.
-Cardstock, I like 65 pound cover stock.
-An Exacto knife or box cutter. WARNING: THESE KNIVES ARE DANGEROUS

Keep all supplies in a box or bag and keep all cut models in a box or bag if you do not assemble the model right away. You don’t want a mess that would bother people in your house.

To make a fold, first crease the fold line by pressing something hard along the line, a dried out ballpoint pen is good.

To make a curve or a cone, put the paper part on your leg and roll over the paper like you were rolling out cookie dough.

The best amount of glue is the least amount of glue! Use a toothpick to avoid using too much glue.

Apply glue to both parts to be joined, just a tiny coating, then hold the parts together tightly for 10 seconds or so.

Be careful with all your tools so nobody swallows something or gets cut or damages clothes.

You can buy card stock and have color copies made at Office Max., about $11.00 for a ream of 250 sheets and the copies are about $0.49 unless they are on sale for $0.29.