My name is Lon Clark and I provide paper model workshops for people of all ages. I have worked with groups in retirement homes, public schools and libraries.

A typical program includes a provided selection of easily built models printed on card-stock for everyone to pick from and begin work. I also provide toothpicks, a bag to put cut parts in, an empty pen or nail to crease folding lines, a work surface and a handout with advice and hints and a list of internet sites where they can go and find more models to print. All of these items become the property of the participant. I provide instruction and assistance to everyone as needed. When the first model is completed I invite the participants to pick a second model and start it. Usually, people complete two models and I have them take two more model sets with them for them to build at home.

The hosting organization would need to provide tables covered with newspapers, Elmer’s glue, scissors, and a staff person to assist and/or observe if possible. I recommend a two hour minimum event duration. Depending on the estimated abilities and interests of the participants, I can customize the program and the types of models provided. You would need to publicize the event and if possible have a signup sheet to figure out the number of people and their ages or interests. I find that the following guideline works well. If the person is less than 9 years old they should have a parent or other older more mature person to assist them. I can handle ten builders by myself and from there I would need some assistance from staff. I have worked with groups as small as six people and as large as thirty. I have had participants as young as 3 and as old as the mid 80’s.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or have any questions, please call me at 815-901-1150 or email me at nolkralc[at]yahoo[dot]com . I can come to your location and bring samples of completed models for you to review and display and printed sheets of the types I offer to the participants. Cost is negotiable and is based on distance, duration and number of participants. I can supply you with references from the libraries for whom I have worked if you wish.

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